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Hi! I'm Kelly.

Kelly Vaughn

I'm a (primarily) frontend developer. During the day I run a Shopify agency called The Taproom, and in the evening and on weekends I run this little shop. You may know me from Twitter, where a lot of the product ideas for this shop originated.

What is KVLLY?

Great question. This shop started as an experiment so I could learn how to build a progressive web app using Shopify and Gatsby. I loaded a few example products in here, starting with the Git Log Mug. It turns out people thought it was awesome and wanted to actually buy one, so I opened up KVLLY to the public.

I quickly learned designing new merch for developers is actually quite a fun hobby, so the product offering continued to expand, and here we are today!

How do you pronounce KVLLY?

No idea. I'm open to suggestions.

Can I suggest a product idea to you?

Totally. Pop over to the Contact page and fill out the form, or you can DM me on Twitter.